Distant Pranic Healing Therapy : This therapy involves scanning and treatment of chakras and related  organs.

Distant Yogic Acupuncture  Therapy : This  therapy  involves scanning and selection  of body marmas ( acupuncture points)  through yogic healing techniques. Affected  Marmas (Acupuncture Points) then need to be  treated through suitable Healing Energy generated by Healer through Advanced Yogic Healing Methods.

To Treat and cure all kind of ailments and achieve optimum health through Distant Yogic Healing Therapy.

There are two type of treatments:

  • For Chronic Ailments : Monthly packages are available.
  • For Severe and Acute Ailments ( Conditions)  which is called as Emergency Healing.

Packages for Chronic Ailments.
15 sessions  package  for Chronic Disease cost Rs.15,000/-
 30 sessions package  for Chronic Disease cost Rs.30,000/-

Emergency Healing:  In case of serious & severe condition, distant Healing & Distant Yogic Acupuncture can give good relief to such patient along with their allopathic treatment.

  • Minimum charges Rs.3000/-  per day & Maximum will be tell by the Doctor depending upon the patients condition.

NOTE:  Treatment charges for Aboard patients will be just double the above rates.


  1. Local Patients can make their payment by cash before commencing treatment for every month.
  2. Patients from other cities in India and in abroad can make their  payment by Account Transfer, by multicity cheque or by  DD in favour of Dr. V.K. Porwal  payable at State Bank of Mysore, Sushant Lok-1,Gurgaon, Haryana (India), Branch Code : 40661, IFSC : SBMY0040661,For Account Number and Swift code ,   contact Dr. V.K. Porwal.
  3. Patient who want to take Distant Therapy should  register their name along with deposition of monthly fees in advance and get waiting no. from Vedanta Arogya Kendra.
  4. If patient want to take this therapy for more than a Month. He should deposit monthly fees at the starting of every month for further sessions of treatment.

Note :  The Following requirements are a must before starting the treatment.

  1. Name of the Patient
  2. Age of the Patient
  3. Present Address
  4. Landline & Cell Phone No.
  5. Coloured  photographs of the patient : (a) Full Body  (b) Face Photograph (front pose) (c) Photographs of affected body part or skin area for skin disease.

Patients can send these requisites through email: vporwal2001@yahoo.com

For any Clarification contact to Dr. V.K. PORWAL. To the testimonials of pranic healing and yogic acupuncture, please click here.
Contact Nos: +91 991 097 7279, +91 965 483 2598

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